Re: women's opportunities in academia/industry

Subject: Re: women's opportunities in academia/industry
From: Eric Somers (
Date: Mon Jan 11 1999 - 13:36:31 EST

At 05:19 AM 1/9/99 -0500, you wrote:

>As a person with a similar academic/industrial background to you, I have
>never seen an academic institution produce a viable "product" yet! I don't
>think that you can conclude that a woman would do it better. YOU would
>have, but then again a competent man might also have done. That seems to
>me to be the only logical conclusion. You would have done it better, but I
>can't accept that those facts indicate that a woman rather than a man would
>have done it better.

Perhaps I am the one who doesn't "get it" but wasn't Linda's point that the
organization involved could have hired a woman capable of producing a
product (her), but chose instead to hire men who did not do it (for
whatever reason)? If the decision not to hire her was based on the fact
she is a woman, then clearly this is an example of sex descrimination. But
I would hope that most institutions are now beyond that type of thinking as
we leave this century.

As an academic I do agree that the academic environment is often not
conducive to producing marketable products in a timely fashion.

- Eric

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