Re: FWD Some Ea/Cm/Composition Opps (from EMF)

Subject: Re: FWD Some Ea/Cm/Composition Opps (from EMF)
Date: Sun Jan 10 1999 - 07:30:28 EST

Daniel wrote:

>WOW! What a great job Kevin! Thanks a lot for this usefull list!

>How the original EMF/SEAMUS's list is available? It's the first time I
>heard about it !!!

Please look up EMF and SEAMUS on the www. These two organizations /
bodies are among the most important ea/cm groups in the world. Membership
to both is open, and relatively inexpensive.

They both provide services and opportunities, and strongly complement
each other. Their list is sent out every few weeks to members.

Joel Chadabe (chef extraordinaire) of EMF has been working for several
decades to promote and support the entire ea/cm community and EMF is the
begining of a life-long dream of his to be able to do this for others.

SEAMUS has a vital and strong history of many individuals coming together,
as volunteers on the Board, through their publications, conferences (!!!),
CD projects, joint projects with ASCAP, EMF, the CEC etc. Probably the
world's largest national ea/cm association, and growing all the time.

Links can be found through the CEC website.



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