Re: One-upping and women's opportunities in academia

Subject: Re: One-upping and women's opportunities in academia
From: Douglas Doherty (
Date: Sat Jan 09 1999 - 05:19:25 EST

Alexandra said:
>There is a somewhat better situation for women outside of

This is a world I do not recognise. Am I completely blind? I find myself
living in a world where things are happening without my being aware of
them. What is going on here?

Dear Linda

I feel that I am unable to talk to you without inadvertently offering
offence,mainly because I don't understand. I want to, but feel an outsider
as you clearly do. I also feel that it is important for me to be able to
disagree with you and it not be assumed that it is because I am a man.

>If you look at the work output of the professor who had $10 million
>vs. the work output I have had in industry as well as academia
>(I have been at my current job almost two years and am working on my
>patent application) then the advantages to the SDF and the
>universities of allowing a woman to administer research money are
>now clear.

>Linda Seltzer

As a person with a similar academic/industrial background to you, I have
never seen an academic institution produce a viable "product" yet! I don't
think that you can conclude that a woman would do it better. YOU would
have, but then again a competent man might also have done. That seems to
me to be the only logical conclusion. You would have done it better, but I
can't accept that those facts indicate that a woman rather than a man would
have done it better.

Douglas Doherty
Composer and Equipment Manufacturer

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