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Date: Fri Jan 08 1999 - 05:43:57 EST

FWD from Berlin

From: IN%"101773.620@compuserve.com" "Christian Calon" 8-JAN-1999 01:54
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        T H E U L Y S S E S P R O J E C T
                Christian Calon

          january 15, 1999 - 20h

     Zeiss-Gro=DFplanetarium Berlin
     Prenzlauer Allee 80

The Ulysses Project will be presented in a multitrack version of the
Horstuck. Live spatialization over the 89 loudspeakers of the Planetarium.

   Voices: =

      Nada Laukam-Josten
      Shelley Hirsch, =

      Wolfgang Michael
      Gerry Wolff. =

   Guitar: Rene Lussier. =

   Spatialization: Christian Calon
   Duration: 54 mn

Produktion DLR in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Zeiss-Grossplanetarium


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