Re: Composing

Subject: Re: Composing
From: Gary Barwin (
Date: Thu Jan 07 1999 - 12:38:21 EST

> i have dreamt of music that i have never
> heard before.

I used to get these dreams where I'd dream of notated music -- scores,
but no sound. I guess I shouldn't admit this on this list!

There's an interesting series of poems by the Cdn poet bpNichol. All the
poem are poems that he dreamt, poems that he dreamt of that were
supposedly written by others. Some are fragments, some whole. So the
musical analogue would be writing a piece based on a dream about an
unwritten Messiaen work, or a piece never written by Cage. I like the
idea of the filter of the imagination -- through dream, through
interpretation/understanding of another's style, through transcription.
Of course the egoistic obverse would be to dream how another composer
would write one's own music -- but perhaps some of us already do that!!

Gary Barwin

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