Re: NuBus Sound Cards

Subject: Re: NuBus Sound Cards
From: Shawn Pinchbeck (
Date: Thu Jan 07 1999 - 00:48:14 EST

Hi Mark,

New Soundblasters cost $50 or less for the garden variety. Sound quality is in
the 70-75db S/N, and frequency response graph looks funny, but useful if you
can't afford better.

A much better card for $100 is the old Audiotrix Pro. Media Trix are dumping
them they have a new card out, it originally sold for $450. It has less gaming
compatibility than soundblasters (who cares), but specs out in the 80-85db S/N
and much flatter frequency response. It gives my $700 ADB card a run for its
money. Also, they are made in Quebec (maybe you can work a deal with them
being local and all).

Hope this helps,

Shawn Pinchbeck

Mark Corwin wrote:

> I've got a number of students inquiring about used sound cards;
> specifically for older Macs. Most of my contacts are for Mac but I do have
> a bunch a students with Windoz machines so info on used SoundBlasters will
> eventually be helpful.
> Anyone out there with some ideas/sites/companies?
> Thanks,
> Dr. Mark Corwin
> Chair, Concordia University Music Department
> 7141 Sherbrooke West
> Montreal, Quebec
> H4B 1R6
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