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Subject: Re: Prizes; was UNESCO-NICE (?)
From: DG Malham (
Date: Wed Jan 06 1999 - 04:32:14 EST

On Fri, 18 Dec 1998, Tim Kreger wrote:

> You can build a house with just a hammer provided you adapt your design to
> accomodate the tool at hand and are prepared to take a little longer to
> build it.
> You can perform realtime processing with a MacPlus and an alesis effects
> processor(or infinte variatiuons of equal cheap gear) which could cost you
> less than $200 all up. It's just that your options may be a bit limited,
> but in some respects no less limited than getting a couple of hours a week
> on an O2 at three o'clock in the morning.
> I was dismayed at last years ICMC in Greece to see how many times an SGI
> was used less effectivley than a cheap off the shelf reverb box. I was
> excited this year to see a PowerMac being used on several occasions in a
> more convincing fashion using both MIDI and realtime DSP. In retrospect it
> wasn't the platform that was the issue it was the composers utilisation of
> the tool that made the difference.

I couldn't agree more - look at all the good work that was done on the old
and very slow (two WEEKS for a decent length/resolution phase vocode)
Atari based CDP systems or the huge numbers of CD's that have been
produced by record companies using the SoundMaestro digital editor which
was based on the CDP/Atari hardware. In fact, several companies are still
using SoundMaestro simply because it has one of the best user interfaces
for simple stereo editing). I still like it for simple stereo editing
even though I have an O2 on my desk linked to an 8 processor Origin 2000
server with half a terabyte of disk store. (and ALL for ea music use...)


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