Re: NuBus Sound Cards

Subject: Re: NuBus Sound Cards
From: Andrew Czink (
Date: Wed Jan 06 1999 - 00:37:08 EST

        Lucid still produces a very excellent 2 channel soundcard for Nubus
machines called the NB24. It doesn't have onboard AD converters but you can
use any you have (including from your DAT machine) or you could invest in
Lucid's ADA1000 which is a rack mount 20 bit stereo converter. Also very
excellent for a reasonable price.
        They do have a web site but I don't know their URL off hand. Try


>I've got a number of students inquiring about used sound cards;
>specifically for older Macs. Most of my contacts are for Mac but I do have
>a bunch a students with Windoz machines so info on used SoundBlasters will
>eventually be helpful.
>Anyone out there with some ideas/sites/companies?
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