Re: NuBus Sound Cards

Subject: Re: NuBus Sound Cards
From: Nicolas Vérin (
Date: Tue Jan 05 1999 - 17:13:21 EST

Dr. Mark Corwin wrote:

>I've got a number of students inquiring about used sound cards;
>specifically for older Macs. Most of my contacts are for Mac but I do have
>a bunch a students with Windoz machines so info on used SoundBlasters will
>eventually be helpful.

The Studio Ligys has a Pro-Tools card (with 442 interface and software v.
3.2) for sale. We are in France, but it is possible to mail it. The prices
are now equivalent on both sides of the Atalntic especially for used gear
(or so I find). We are asking 4,500FF (well, let me see, how many Euros is
that ? approx. 700 Euros and 770 US$). (We're also selling a 7100/80
32-500-cd2x with 2nd video card and no monitor, which works great with the
Pro-Tools card, but that's not worth shipping ; we want the same price for
it as the card.)

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