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SOUND - senses

Invitation - to you and who it may concern - pleace distribute!

COMPETITION IN SOUND II - the 20th century as you never heard it.

The century of noise. From the grand opening by war into the silent
 metastasis of technology and communication systems. The SONICBOOM - an
experimental studio in the Danish Radio, building sound walls & breaking
sound barriers, and the SOUND/GALLERY in the City Hall Square of
hereby call for a sonic scan of the 20th century , as it never came to
be heard.
 A sonar surveillance based on environmental sounds - in resonance
from past till present.
A call for the still interference of the unheard. Performance platform:
The SOUND/GALLERY in the heart of Copenhagen and wireless across Denmark
by DR. Participation: A sketch of your idea in writing and a 1 minute
long sound piece suggesting your vehicle of sound (DAT/CD/MC). The
winner will receive 1500 US$ and one week of production in the SONICBOOM
studio. All travel expenses and your stay in
Copenhagen will be covered as well. Production will take place from the
1. to 7. of September. The winning soundpiece will open at the
SOUND/GALLERY on the 7. of September, and later be broadcast at DR.
Deadline for applications: 18. of August 1997. Please send applications
to the SOUND/GALLERY, address listed below.

SOUND/GALLERY - 900 m2 of non-visible space in the center of Copenhagen

The SOUND/GALLERY is a permanent sound diffusion system covering 900m2
of the main square in Copenhagen, Denmark. With the construction of a
4-track digital sound studio underneath the City Hall Square, sound can
be transmitted through 25 buried loudspeakers placed in the pavement of
the square. The SOUND/GALLERY operates directly in the public space, as
a transparent fog moulded by the unique concept of moving sound -
sculpturally and choreografically - adding an almost physical appearance
to the expression and visuality that sounds hold. All performed in a
field on which the audience moves - aware as well as unaware - intrigued
by how sound can challenge the perception of the real reality. The
SOUND/GALLERY is continually created by the wide range of artists
invited by the gallery: composers, musicians, visual artists, poets,
writers and sound-artists. Operations include concerts, installations
and live-performances. Besides using Copenhagen as base, the gallery is
currently being transformed into a mobile soundsystem, which will allow
appearance anywhere in the world. With 25 speakers hung in the ceiling
of a concerthall, an old factory or across a square, this unique
platform for soundperformance is now available for exposing the works of
soundartists worldwide. For further information, sound excerpts of
previous performances and the program this year with description of the
main projects, check the SOUND/GALLERY web page.

van Gogh - artist cut

Since 1994 van Gogh has been the Danish organ for Sound Art. The
magazine appears as an audio/CD-ROM hybrid with sound works by
international soundartists and sounds from the growing scene for sound
art in Denmark. With the sound works we bring articles, interviews and
newsletters for people with a sense for sound. van Gogh is happy to
receive contributions from abroad. Send us your sound work with relevant
data in DAT or your text/article/interview/ on a disc or by email -
address listed below. Subscription: 1 year / 4 issues / 50 US$. Latest
issue, featuring SOUND/GALLERY in 1996: 16 US$. Send international
cheque to the address listed below.

SOUND/GALLERY - Rådhuspladsen 7 - 1599 Copenhagen V - Denmark - Phone &
Fax: +45 33 12 41 46 Email: - Information: &

projectleader Michael Madsen
Steen Johannessen coordinator

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