Calon:"The standing man", INVENTIONEN 96. Berlin

Subject: Calon:"The standing man", INVENTIONEN 96. Berlin
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Date: Sat Jun 08 1996 - 14:21:16 EDT

A mes amis et collegues.
Ceci est moins une annonce publicitaire, qu'un message (un peu long) pour
vous faire savoir ce a quoi j'ai occupe ces deux dernieres annees et demi
et la possibilite de discuter avec vous de quelques questions concernant la
projection spatiale. Je decris brievement la piece sur laquelle j'ai
travaille. Ceux qui veulent en savoir plus ou qui veulent echanger quelques
idees peuvent me contacter directement.

To my friends and collegues.
This is less of a self-promotion clip than a message to let you all know
what I have been doing these last two and a half years. Also eventually the
incentive to get feeedback from you on questions concerning spatial
projection of sound. Here is a brief description of the piece I was working
on. For those of you wishing to exchange on these ideas please contact me
directly. I really do not wish to flood this forum.

                        * * * *

    Actuellement (du 6-15 juin 96) ont lieu la creation et les performances
de "The standing man" dans le cadre du festival INVENTIONEN 96, Berlin
(Ballhaus Naunynstraße).
    Presently (june 6-15, 96), as part of the INVENTIONEN 96 Festival in
Berlin (Ballhaus Naunynstraße) are taking place the premiere and the
performances of "The standing man".

        * EN BREF :

. piece acousmatique en 7 moments. duree: 47mn.
. d'apres l'"Epitaphe" de Francois Villon (XV° s.).
. concue sous forme d'installation (joue en permanence sur un cycle d'une
. 24 pistes audio distribuees sur 24 hps.
La spatialisation a ete programmee et remixee en salle a partir d'un
systeme Protools 32 voies/24 sorties.
. la projection spatiale est multi-directionnelle et non-centralisee
(c'est-a-dire non-axiale). Elle developpe l'idee de "volumes: tentative de
construction et de reproduction d'images acoustiques tridimensionnelles.
. l'orientation: "immersive" et "architecturale"
. l'espace: interieur, ouvert, avec points d'écoute assise variables.
espace de 20 x 15 x 10m.
. disposition des hps modulaire, sur 4 niveaux verticaux permettant une
modularite dans la formation d'ensembles actifs
. mise en scene de lumiere

        * BRIEFLY :

. an acousmatic work in 7 moments. duration: 47mn.
. after Francois Villon's "Epitaph" (XV° c.)
. conceived as a space installation (is performed on a permanent cycle of
. Plays on 24 loudspeakers from 24 audio tracks.
The spatialisation was programmed and remixed in the hall on a 32 voices/24
output Protools system.
. The spatial projection is multidirectionnal and non-axial. Its conception
is an attempt at reconstructing "volumes" or 3-dimensional acoustical
. orientation : immersive and architectural
. opened interior space with a choice of seating areas (in a 20 x 15 x 10m
space) with partially controllable acoustics.
. installation of loudspeakers on 4 vertical levels allowing for a modular
grouping conception
. synchronized space lighting

(desole, rien de ce qui suit n'existe encore en francais. C'est la
presentation de la piece dans le programme du festival-en allemand).

Here follows the festival presentation of the piece:

   THE STANDING MAN is a space installation:
     · of a musical work
     · in which the audience walks through evolving 3D sound images
     · of architectural dimensions
     · and an experiment in perception
     · which induces a physical experience of time and space
     · and a tale told with sounds
        * THEME
The standing man is an extensive sound-poem whose central figure is the
world. The world seen through the eye of an anthropological camera.
The man behind the camera has in his mind to focus on the transformations
that happen to the world. The camera records the metamorphoses that occur
in the man. The man thinks about his fleeting presence in the world and he
recalls the words of François Villon early in his XVth c., aimed at the men
of times to come. He also thinks, in the midst of the great turmoils his
world is going through, of the impossibility to be wholly standing and of
the unachieved state of this condition.
And he starts with this image: a man, standing, walks across the time that
he has been given.

        * THE SOUND
Musically the work is oriented by a dramatisation of the sound, developped
through processes of metamorphosis. Materials are mainly acoustic: natural,
industrial, human.
Original techniques for three-dimensional creation and projection of sound
were developped and tested throughout this piece.
Processes of fragmentation, mutation, distortion or simulation call up on
the latest developments of computer audio processing.
The metamorphoses of soundscapes act as an image of the transformation of
languages, ideas and spaces, and more globally of the transformation of the
world under human action.
The piece is narrative, and the flow of sound images is not unlike a
cinema-for-the-ear. But the space is non-directional and sound actions
happen simultaneously in different areas.
In this architectural conception, the sound spaces are of human dimensions:
they are meant to convey life-like sounds to the ear.

        * THE LISTENER
The space inside the hall and the flow of time in the work are conceived in
such a way as to present the listener with the possibility to move from one
area to another and to sit at some defined spots. The sound and light
spatial treatment in the work are non-directional and fragmented, and the
listener has a choice of perspective.

Functions as a permanent cycle of 60 mn.

        * CREDITS
"The standing man" was realized with the help of the following
collaborations: Elektronische Studio, T.U. Berlin (D), GMEM (F), APBTools
(D) and INA-GRM (F).
Technique: Folkmar Hein and Thomas Schneider.
Voice: Nada Laukamm-Josten.
Wild pipes material: Werner Durand.

                Merci de votre patience. Thanks for your patience.
        Christian Calon
        Waldstr. 55
        10551 Berlin

        tel/fax +49/30/395-4099

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