Re: Free workshop on spatial hearing and spatial audio with Wave Field Synthesis demos on MAX/MSP

Subject: Re: Free workshop on spatial hearing and spatial audio with Wave Field Synthesis demos on MAX/MSP
From: Philippe-Aubert Gauthier (
Date: Wed Nov 23 2005 - 08:48:35 EST

At this time, we have decided to report the public release of the patchs since
we still have to clean the whole thing, fix some bugs and generalize the
application. But we are roughly four to work on this, as a sideline activity.

For the documentation, a big part of the workshop is not for public release but
for classroom (since lots of pictures come from books). However, our
experiments with this system along with discussion of the public reaction is
now in a paper draft that will remain on my desktop for the next month. This
will also include a patchs description. The paper will be on once achieved. Except if it is published
(electronically) somewhere else. But since we are four authors, it might be
long ... (?)


Selon Linda Seltzer <>:

> Will the papers be placed on the web for those of us who can't drive over
> to Quebec this morning?
> > For those of you in Québec ...
> >
> > We are presenting a free workshop on spatial audio and spatial hearing
> > tomorow
> > in Québec City (french only!). The workshop includes live interactive
> > demonstration of Wave Field Synthesis (WFS) that we have been implemented
> > with
> > MAX/MSP (with a single G5!) (in the very few past days!) using a compact
> > 16-channel loudspeaker array. (See my DIY column in the current MusicWorks
> > (93).) Other demonstrations include "beam-forming" so that sound events
> > behind
> > the audience are created with a compact frontal disposition of
> > loudspeakers (no
> > loudspeaker behind) while firing acoustical beam on room surfaces.
> >
> > The MAX/MSP patches are the first version of our WFS free patches. The
> > second
> > version (cleaner, with a GUI) should be compiled and distributed in 2006.
> > Freely, of course!
> >
> > November 22, 2005, 15:30 (pm)
> > Studio 1, room 3645, LANTISS, Pavillon Casault, Université Laval
> > Québec City, Québec, CANADA
> >
> >

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