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> Subject: CMR's issue on H. Vaggione
> Contemporary Music Review, volume 24, parts 4+5, 2005
> Editor: Peter Nelson
> Issue Editor: Makis Solomos
> Horacio Vaggione: Composition Theory
> Horacio Vaggione figures among the most important composers of
> electroacoustic and "mixed" music  (which combines acoustic
> instruments with diverse electronic set-ups). His works are strong and
> original musical experiences. Resolutely prospective in attitude, they
> fill the gap between sound and structure by developing a "multi-scale"
> approach to musical time, implemented by the means of "object
> networks", conceived as "plural symbolic entities" encapsulating
> diverse systems of representation. Objects and networks are procedural
> categories that can be applied with the same degree of pertinence to
> different time-scales, from the note to the micro-sound, or from the
> note to the macrostructure, taking into account however the
> non-linearities arising from the interaction between these different
> levels since they are in Vaggione's words "positive carriers of form".
> Important concepts developed with regard to this approach, are the
> concepts of "layering", "figuration", "articulation", "morphology" and
> "singularity", all explorations conceptualised in Vaggione's prolific
> theoretical writings on music. They propose tools sufficiently
> abstract to contribute to the elaboration of current composition
> theory. Far from exhausting Vaggione's perpetual inventiveness, the
> texts compiled in this issue of the Contemporary Music Review
> constitute the first volume entirely dedicated to his theoretical
> ideas.
> Contents
> Jean-Claude Risset: Towards a Syntax of Sound
> Curtis Roads: The Art of Articulation: The Electroacoustic Music of
> Horacio Vaggione
> Makis Solomos: An Introduction to Horacio Vaggione's Musical and
> Theoretical Thought
> Anne Sedes: Aspects of Time in the Music of Horacio Vaggione
> Antonia Soulez, Horacio Vaggione: Composing, Listening
> Horacio Vaggione: Notes on Atem
> Martin Laliberté: An Analytic Approach to Horacio Vaggione's Till
> Philip Mead: Horacio Vaggione and the Piano. An Introduction to Mis
> Mature Piano Style
> Pascale Criton: Mutation and Processuality in the Musical Thought of
> Horacio Vaggione
> Agostino Di Scipio: Due di Uno. A Composition Dedicated to Horacio
> Vaggione
> Héctor Rubio: The Compositional Periods of Horacio Vaggione
> Chronology
> Compositions
> Discography
> Theoretical Writings
> Contents of the CD (24 Variations, Taleas, Atem, Till, Préludes
> suspendus II, Phases)
> To order this issue: tf.processing@tfinforma.com or
> michele.hunt@tandf.co.uk
> Un livre français sur Horacio Vaggione (contenant les articles
> précédents, certains dans une forme plus développée, ainsi que
> d'autres articles), paraîtra en janvier 2006 (Paris, L'Harmattan)
> A Paris: concert monographique H. Vaggione le lundi 28 novembre, à
> 19h, à l'Institut Cervantes (7 rue Quentin Bauchart)

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