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Date: Mon Nov 21 2005 - 20:04:13 EST

Hi, Chantal:

I assume you've heard Stockhausen's work in this area? Hymnen? Spiral?
Kurzwellen? Pole? There is a lot of shortwave on the Aus Dem Sieben
Tagen CDs, and a group called the Negative Band used the shortwave to
great effect in their version of Stocky's "Set Sail for the Sun".

There were many of us using shortwave, AM, and FM interactively in the
'80s. Most recently, Zoviet France has issued some previously unreleased
music with the name "Music For A Spaghetti Western", available at There is a nice track featuring the broadcast voice
of Ronald Reagan, but the emphasis is on Reagan more than specific
interaction with the electromagnetism. Remembering those days while
enduring the present makes it difficult to listen to. There was a sound
artist named "Minoy" who did some amazing things with altered AM and
shortwave radio in the '80s, although I'm not sure where one could find
them now. Zan Hoffman was a pioneer of the '80s "cassette culture". He
used various radio sources in interactive ways. Much of his music is
available at For cell-phone sounds, there might be some
on Roxanne Turcotte's "Amour" CD at Empreintes Digitales. It has lots of
fun with phones. At the Sonus cite is some material by Emmanuel Madan
titled "Freedom Highway". It is more a document than an interaction to
my ears, but your mileage may vary.

That's obviously just a start, but I wanted to inspire some discussion.
Much of what I've cited might be disagreeable to many on this list, but
what the heck.

Good luck, and thank you for your contributions to Sonus. I hope to hear
more of your music in the future!

David Prescott
Central Wisconsin

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Subject: looking for some examples

 Hello everybody,

I'm looking for some examples of interactive audio pieces using
electromagnetic waves ; radio, walkie-talkie, c-b, cell phones, router,

If somebody heard or saw pieces using electromagnetic waves
and can send me some links I would really appreciate.


Chantal Dumas

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