LAM: Evolution and Interactivity

Subject: LAM: Evolution and Interactivity
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Date: Mon Nov 21 2005 - 08:26:27 EST

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Evolution and Interactivity

Live Algorithms for Music Dec 2005 Meeting

The EPSRC-funded Live Algorithms for Music (LAM) research
network is establishing an inter-disciplinary community of
musicians, software engineers and cognitive scientists. Our aim
is to investigate autonomous computers in music. This meeting
explores three important LAM themes: the generation of novelty
through evolutionary processes, person-machine interactivity and
sound environments.

If you wish to attend, please contact

More details of LAM activities at

Venue: Lecture Theatre, Ben Pimlott Building, Goldsmiths
College, London

Evening Music: Recital Room 167, Department of Music, Goldsmiths
College, London

Monday December 19th

13.00 Registration

13.45 Tim Blackwell, Michael Young (Goldsmiths College) Welcome
and overview

Evolutionary Music I

14.00 Al Biles (Rochester Institute of Technology, New York)
GenJam - Genetic Algorithms and Jazz improvisation

(15.00 Break)

15.30 David Plans Casals (Electroacoustic Studios, University of
East Anglia): Frank: an Open Source framework for evolutionary
music composition

16.15 Joao Martins (Future Music Lab, University of Plymouth)
Evolution of Rhythms in Artificial Worlds

Evening Music
19.00-21.00 LAM members and guests perform with their machines

Tuesday December 20th

Interactivity I

09.00 Christopher McClelland, Michael Alcorn (Sonic Arts
Research Centre Queens University of Belfast): Escore -
Real-time notation in interactive and live electronic
performance environments

09.45 Alain Renaud, Pedro Rebello (Sonic Arts Research Centre
Queens University of Belfast): Distributed Cues in Networked

(10.30 Break)

Sound Environments

11.00 Simon Emerson (de Montford University, Leicester)

12.00 Tom Davis, Pedro Rebello ( Sonic Arts Research Centre
Queens University of Belfast): Emergence in Sound

(12.45 Lunch)

Evolutionary Music II

14.00 Luke Harrald (Elder School of Music, Adelaide University):
The Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma

14.45 Ollie Bown and Alice Eldridge (Centre for Cognition,
Computation and Culture, Goldsmiths College): Live (Dynamical
Systems) Algorithms for Musical Instruments

15.30 Break

Interactivity II

16.00 Francois Pachet (Sony, CSL, Paris) TBC

17.00 Michael Young, Tim Blackwell (Goldsmiths College) Project
Groups. Closing remarks


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