MusicAcoustica 2006. Language. Beijing.

Subject: MusicAcoustica 2006. Language. Beijing.
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Sun Nov 20 2005 - 18:11:05 EST

>From: Kenneth Fields <>
>Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2005 18:33:01 +0800
>Subject: [Organised Sound LIst] MusicAcoustica 2006. Language. Beijing.
>The Electroacoustic Music Association of China (EMAC) and the China
>Electronic Music Center (CEMC) based at the Central Conservatory of
>Music in Beijing in a special cooperation with the Electroacoustic
>Music Studies
>Network's (EMS) International Conference Series are pleased to
>announce their annual festival:
>Musicacoustica 2006: Language
> October 22nd through 29th
>Beijing, China
>The week-long MusicAcoustica 2006 festival (22?29 October) will be
>focused on the broad theme of Language. EMS06 papers, in more
>focused paper sessions (from the 23rd to 26th), will concentrate on
>a crucial aspect of language, namely terminology - see the full call
>for papers here: We consider this
>historical joint meeting in Beijing as essentially an international
>summit on the coherence of electroacoustic music terminology subject
>to the twisting and bending of the field in its emerging global
>context. Music, sound installations and workshops will further
>reflect on the theme in all its breadth and depth.
>Chinese composers and academics come together once a year to plan
>future directions for the development of computer music in China and
>to learn/exchange with their international guests. This year the
>Electroacoustic Music Studies Network (EMS) "an international team
>which aims to encourage reflection on the better understanding of
>electroacoustic music" will be our special guests at the festival.
>At the same time, we invite a broad reflection on the theme from
>experts in linguistics and music, ontology specification, semantic
>web, music knowledge modeling and translation issues related to
>expert domain knowledges.
>A local motivation for the conference relates to problems in
>translation of new terms (such as microsound or phonography) into
>Chinese. However, we invite submissions from various perspectives
>derived from projects posing new approaches to coherent structuring
>of specialized domain knowledges (such as new media - translate
>smartmob into Chinese!) which have faced problems with translation
>issues. The objective of this ?summit? is to create a forum of
>sustained co-operation; an international effort towards situating
>and translating electronic music concepts and terms within the
>emerging semantic global village. Workshops and extended residencies
>are invited in the days surrounding the conference.
>Deadline for music proposals is May 1, 2006 - to be notified by June 1st.
>Contact Kenneth Fields, below for more information. Register for
>conference updates at:
>Detailed registration information to follow in February of 2006.
>Deadline for the EMS papers proposals (abstracts and CV's) is February 26th,
>2006. (see paper call for details - above link).
>Musicacoustica Organizing committee:
>Zhang Xiaofu
>President of EMAC;
>Director of CEMC at China's Central Conservatory of Music
>Kenneth Fields
>CEMC at China's Central Conservatory of Music
>Also: Dept of Digital Art and Design, Peking University
>Send materials (DVD, CD's) regarding festival to:
>MusicAcoustic 2006 C/O
>Zhang Xiaofu and Kenneth Fields
>CEMC - China Electronic Music Center
>Central Conservatory of Music
>43 BaoJia Street
>Beijing 100031 China,
>Tel: 6642-5742
>Electroacoustic Music Studies Network Organizers:
>MTI (Leigh Landy, EARS ElectroAcoustic Resource Site, MTI Research Centre,
>De Montfort University)
>INA/GRM (Daniel Teruggi)
>MINT (Marc Battier, Musicologie, informatique et nouvelles technologies,
>OMF, Universit? de Paris-Sorbonne)
>Kenneth Fields, Ph.D.
>Assoc. Professor Media Arts
>Dept. of Digital Art and Design
>School of Software
>Peking University
>Beijing 102600 China
>Tel PKU: (8610) 6127-3642
>Professor / Computer Music
>CEMC - China Electronic Music Center
>Central Conservatory of Music
>Beijing 100031 China
>Tel:? ? 6642-5742

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