Re: What is music ... = spirals

Subject: Re: What is music ... = spirals
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Sun Nov 20 2005 - 17:35:02 EST

I like the idea of inventing new colors.

The (suggested) crossfade I proposed as a spiral.



At 13:53 -0800 2005/11/20, Kenneth Newby wrote:
>On the color wheel:
>The color circle is an invention of Sir Isaac Newton and is
>basically an artistic invention applied to a scientific analysis,
>given that he had to synthesize new colors not found in the spectrum
>of colors he observed from the prism. To construct his wheel he had
>to create magenta and blue violet, blends of red and blue to, in
>effect, create a crossfade from the low to high ends of the visible
>light spectrum.
>Very much like crossfade looping an audio or video sample! Other
>spatial models of color followed: Goethe, Maxwell, and other
>"shapes"... triangles, cubes, cones, etc.

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