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Subject: Re: The Father of us all??
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Date: Sun Nov 20 2005 - 03:39:43 EST

Reed Fred Prieberg book "Versuch einer Bilanz del Elektronischen Musik".
Why today Eimert is fully forgotten
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Subject: The Father of us all??

From the Peter Huebner site ... (remember him!?)


internationally renowned composer and probably the most significant
music theorist of our time (his book: ³The Fundamentals of Modern
Series Technique², publisher of the series ³New Music²), founder of
the first electronic music studio of the world at the WESTDEUTSCHE
RUNDFUNK, Cologne, and therefore internationally acknowledged as the
³father of electronic music,² professor for composition and
electronic music at the State University of Music, Cologne, director
of the electronic studio of the academy.



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