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Subject: What is music ...
From: Kevin Austin (kevin.austin@videotron.ca)
Date: Sat Nov 19 2005 - 23:16:44 EST





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Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 21:44:21 +1300
From: Philip Dorrell <aud@1729.COM>
Subject: Re: Rhythm perception (is really speech rhythm perception)

According to my "super-stimulus" theory of music
(http://whatismusic.info/), the primary purpose of the cortical maps
that respond to regular musical rhythms is to perceive the irregular
rhythms of speech in a time-scaling invariant manner (i.e. the same
rhythm at different tempos). My theory imposes an additional
constrain on any theory of rhythm perception, ...

This theory is consistent with the incremental perception of beat,
because the purpose of rhythm perception must be to label the
components of speech rhythm as they occur, as being more or less part
of a regular rhythm. There is no purpose to "find" the regular beat,
because in general there are no regular beats in speech.


The theory is also consistent with the observation that the ability
to perceive musical rhythms is uniquely human (since speech is
uniquely human).

Philip Dorrell.

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