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Subject: Re: Concordia EuCuE Concert
From: Eliot Handelman (
Date: Sat Nov 19 2005 - 02:57:48 EST

Mark Corwin wrote:

> Notice: Webcast of Concert 7 of Series 24. Broadcasting NOW.

I hope a bit of feedback is not unappreciated. I went Thurs. afternoon,
and in general enjoyed the show. Sean Lonergan's piece Drunk Metal came,
to my mind,
some steps towards a new synthesis of melody and electroacoustics. I
found in Tim Sutton's cite_hello_hb, a
compelling moment midway made of entropic crackles that had
tremendous potential as the opening of a violent electrical storm. In
this case,
the pseudomelodic element took the easy way out by making a new
"mixture" that
seemed mere EA textbook doing its utmost to ruin a free imaginative
run. I also heard
Andrew McCallum's piece written the night before. This had a deeply
emotive real-world connective
factor which I found highly positive. Writing EA for real-world issues
where consolation or the evocation of
expressive conciliatory worlds actually matters to someone is the kind
of path 20th C avant-gardistes
never dared to take.

I have a general criticism of the whole spatial problem as expressed by
student "diffusions" of two
compositions by Annie Mahtani. I liked the first piece, …jszaka which
evoked a night scene. It put
me into a very relaxed mode and I decided to follow it syncretically.
And it appeared to be evoking a
situation where I'm having a nuice relaxed nap in the middle of the
highway. I wanted to
see what it would be like to have the trucks roll over me, but
unfortunately the "diffusion"
got in the way. I think no panning at all might have been more my style.

I find the movement of sound in manually panned EA pieces much too slow
and indefinite. I'd like
to hear something that fills a space in a new complex way at the speed
of sound
and under full computer control. I believe there is a truly fantastic
potential in spatial sound,
but not if we continue to think in analog terms. We need physics for
this, not joysticks. We can't
affpord to be dilletante about the possibility of radically new music --
our new 21st c. music.

I feel encouraged by some of the music I heard that new things are on
the horizon.

-- eliot

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