Re: vocal transformation in early film

Subject: Re: vocal transformation in early film
From: Ian Chuprun (
Date: Fri Nov 18 2005 - 12:15:50 EST

Come to think of it, are there any pieces in the history of ea from
before 1950 that use processed voice? The ones I usually think of as
early vocal pieces are:

Toru Takemitsu Vocalism Ai 1956
Karlheinz Stockhausen's Gesang der Jünglinge 1956
Luciano Berio: Thema - Omaggio a Joyce 1958

I dont have the full Schaeffer/Henri collection so I cannot check, and
Cage's early works dont seem to have used processed voice. Walter
Ruttmann has plenty of voice in Weekend (1930) but it is not processed
beyond reproduction.

Does anyone know any examples from the Edison and Berliner days of the
phonograph and gramophone? What about wire recorders? There is Halim
El-Dabh's Wire Recorder (1944) but I find it to be in the 'reproduced
voice' school still, (with layers of reverb).

In the area of pop Ross Bagdasarian's Witch Doctor (1958) and The
Chipmunk Song (1958) seem to be very early for using vocal processing,
but there must be others. Any ideas?



Ian Chuprun wrote:
> Hi,
> I am looking for examples from early film of the human voice
> transformed. (I mean 'transformed' as being beyond reproduction).
> The work done on the mice in Cinderella (1950) is a good example of what
> I am tring to find.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks.
> Ian

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