X quotes (was: Re: Assistance)

Subject: X quotes (was: Re: Assistance)
From: Eliot Handelman (eliot@generation.net)
Date: Thu Nov 17 2005 - 17:28:20 EST

Pierre Alexandre Tremblay wrote:

> Mr Bürck and Valsamakis
> Thank you for the references, I will send an emergency request and
> keep the list posted if someone is interested... because I think they
> are both interesting sentences, aren't they?

"Imiter d’une manière réaliste ce qui relève du
monde physique, humain ou social est sans intérêt."

What a loaded statement. Do we know what he's referring to?

I find both statements a mixture of pedantry and angst. Pedantic because of
the global sweep of dismissiveness, beaengstigt because we understand that
X set himself high standards partly determined by a superego function.

X could also have said, "It may be possible to make a good piece that
direct absorption of some manner of the physical, human or social world,
but I have
never seen one."

In regards Stockhausen, he might have said, "Stockhausen's "mobile" pieces
don't seem to have anything of the sense of this word that we get from
Calder. It
would be interesting to see how to do this musically."

Instead he says, "Stockhausen does not do this, so his pieces must be
badly composed."

Long live X, but not because of this particular style of thinking.

-- eliot

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