Re: delete flute on audio file

Subject: Re: delete flute on audio file
From: Ian Stewart (
Date: Wed Nov 16 2005 - 08:39:38 EST

With Audiosculpt, it is easy to delete frequencies- do a sonogram analysis,
which displays all of the frequencies in your file and their amplitudes, and
you can then select the bands to erase. Converting a pop track to a
'karaoke' version is not done this way, however; instead, the Right channel
is subtracted from the Left, deleting all the 'centre' content. Since voice
is usually mono and panned centre, it disappears (along with a lot of other

all the best,

[iso-8859-1] Helder Gon�alves writes:
 --> Hi! Do you know some program for deleting specific frequencies easily,
for instance to convert from "with voice" to karaoke (no voice)?

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