Subject: SFU 40 CD
From: Barry Truax (truax@sfu.ca)
Date: Wed Nov 16 2005 - 02:53:54 EST

   I'm delighted to announce the launch of our 40th anniversary
retrospective CD, SFU40, celebrating electroacoustic music at Simon Fraser
   It includes early, previously unpublished (on CD) works by composers
(Westerkamp, Oswald, Piche, Truax, Eigenfeldt, Gotfrit) who have gone on
to become well known within the electroacoustic community, plus a work by
a former student, Anne Holmes, called Wood on Wood on Water, an early
soundscape composition that deserves wider recognition.
   These pieces and others (by Paul Dolden, Martin Bartlett and sylvi
macCormac) which are already on CD were also played, plus a track from the
Vancouver Soundscape.
   And the good news is that, thanks to an SFU subsidy, we're offering the
CD for sale at half the regular price, plus postage. Please see:
www.sfu.ca/~truax/cd8.html for full details.
   Barry Truax
website: www.sfu.ca/~truax

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