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Subject: Re: questions on processing in soundscapes
From: sylvi macCormac (
Date: Tue Nov 15 2005 - 16:42:32 EST

Thank You for posting Sylvia - your Great Questions are Key Notes to a SOUND
essay :-)

Good Luck in th Process. When you have completed th essay please post URL
where we might read / hear your essay. Will you be composing to present
examples ? please post your biography and choices of examples. why does this
sound like a Masters Thesis ? does including Poetri create context ? will it
be ready to send to Voices on th Edge ?:

Soundscape is Xtremely full of Context, whether it be th birds singing in th
silence or th trucks / huricanes sending our houses flying. ie if a child
sings th names of th animals in a shadow puppet play do we consider that to be
dis ruptive ? would you record dat ? & if we & Buffy Sainte-Marie are in a
TeePee word / sound processing on a lap top, are we out of doors ?

how do objects in front of / or around th mic affect th recording ? ie birds
recorded inside a room / in th field / outside th window / through th open or
closed window ... how would you convey going between soundscapes ? with
processing and/or mic positions ? with doors closing abruptly ? with shuts /
junctures / bridges ?

i am in a room different than th room that you are sitting in (loop dat :-) i
am in a sound field different than th room you are sitting in with your lap
top (loop dat ;-)

best regards, sylvi macCormac
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ / na / da / bcs
siwash rock & soundscape composition
if a Train can cross a Sea then SOCAN we

Kevin Austin wrote: wrote:

> Thank you, Kenneth:) looks like his Soundscape Composition, Globality, and
> Implicated Critique paper might be helpful, too; the choice of which
> soundscape material to use from a location might also be considered
> "processing". It certainly affects the statement the composer makes about
> the place.
> Much appreciation.
> Sylvia

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