RE: ILLEGAL UTOPIAN FANTASY#214,982,65?,4(+)10.

Subject: RE: ILLEGAL UTOPIAN FANTASY#214,982,65?,4(+)10.
From: John Kamevaar (
Date: Mon Nov 14 2005 - 18:41:42 EST

At 1 million o'clock John Kamevaar aka 1 eared jack aka vincent van k
(still here) wrote?:?::::::

- cec list with its broad bandwith width respect to the number of
academic institutions and depth
   of human resources
- //development of a comprehensive Electro Acoustic software system
   used (exclusively?) as a teaching/learning tool
- based on extentions of available OS materials (PD, Pu, Pme
C++++++++++++++++ ,,Audacity, Sincerity...whatever....)
- micro-labs (piecework) in various locations
- freely distributed
- no more back o' d' bus syndrome for kids whose parents
couldn't/didn't buy them G6 laptops,
   stuffed with KapitalWare

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