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Subject: Re: Concrete and Beats
From: Digs (
Date: Mon Nov 14 2005 - 09:18:48 EST

A really good addition to this list would be
selections from DJ Food's Quadruplex EP. The entire
EP is made using sounds derrived from breaking glass.

Another not bad option would be to look at Aphex
Twin's "Nannou", which is made mostly (or entirely, I
can't remember) of recordings of a music box. He
includes a really cute acoustical reference by using
the very identifiable sounds of the winding mechanism
to 'wind up the track'.



> I am preparing a lecture on the rhythmic use of
> concrete sounds in
> electronica/electroacoustic and was wondering if any
> of you can
> recommend some artists. So far I am using as
> examples:
> Venetian Snares: Nymphomatriach
> Matthew Herbert: Plat du Jour
> Matmos: To cut is to cure
> Ned Bouhalassa: Impulse
> and
> Scanner
> Any other recommendations would be welcome.
> Please reply to
> Thanks
> M


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