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Subject: Re: Beats & Concrét - Searching for ...
From: sylvi macCormac (
Date: Mon Nov 14 2005 - 05:11:45 EST

hmm, harmony of th spheres & universal beats ? did i spell Concrét correctly - Concréte ... does concrét have anything to do
with Architecure ? i tinker on la Pavillion ..

ooo Oui, please keep dis.cussions on line unless requested as it helps in th EA learnng environ :-) and th EA (text) composition
just keep getting richer with Hugh LeCaine et al, Ulysses & Buffy Sainte-Marie & State of th heArt Software / Hardware et al.
BUT can we use ascii art even if 'tis 101 ? if we change th title we better do it soon .. or get in trouble with computers who
don't read HTMLs. now if we were to score all our babble what would it sound like. brilliance / spam t.hear / comic.aside
/ wonderful th.ear / silence

if you extend your search to dat other not so Concrét la Soundscape perhaps - Anne (Holmes) Karakatsoulis Wood on Wood on
Water (1978) quad 8:50. printed on SFU 40th Anniv CD. it is very very beautiful. i remember it from my student days, as still
clearly rings a bell ... knocks on wood on wood on water ...

west regards, sylvi macCormac
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ / na / da / bc
siwash rock & soundscape composition

SFU 40th Anniv. Electroacoustic Concert with WSP.Hildegard Westerkamp.John Oswald. Jean Piche.Anne (Holmes) Karakatsoulis. Paul
Dolden. Arne Eigenfeldt.Martin Bartlett.Martin Gotfrit.sylvi macCormac.Barry Truax

you can hear Voices of Place while quantities last at - search : sylvi macCormac

from Voices & Wheels CD (2000) printed with article, Conversing with
Nature: Reflections on Hildegard Westerkamp’s “Talking Rain” -
Soundscape Minimalism MW #74 -

to hear some of sylvi macCormac's compositions and interview see/hear :

YO! Able Dis! on line at Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar - yo able dis ! - text & image - 2005 interviews wrote:

> Great topic! ;-)
> I wonder if we could keep this public as opposed to private? I know that I, for one, would love to read other people's
> suggestions.
> Off the bat, I'd suggest Amon Tobin, particularly his Supermodified cd. Also, Si Begg's Commuter World.
> Ned
> PS: maybe we could change the topic title to something like, Beats and Concrete or something like that? Searching for... is a
> bit vague. Unless you really mean rhythm in a larger sense. If you do though, it really opens up the pool, as many ea
> composers use rhythm without ever using beats (like Robert Normandeau, for example).
> __ Ned Bouhalassa __
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> ::::: :::::
> On Mon Nov 14 1:37 , 'Mathew Adkins' <> sent:
> >
> >I am preparing a lecture on the rhythmic use of concrete sounds in
> >electronica/electroacoustic and was wondering if any of you can
> >recommend some artists. So far I am using as examples:

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