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Subject: Re: Searching for...
Date: Mon Nov 14 2005 - 05:06:27 EST

Great topic! ;-)

I wonder if we could keep this public as opposed to private? I know that I, for one, would love to read other people's

Off the bat, I'd suggest Amon Tobin, particularly his Supermodified cd. Also, Si Begg's Commuter World.


PS: maybe we could change the topic title to something like, Beats and Concrete or something like that? Searching for... is a
bit vague. Unless you really mean rhythm in a larger sense. If you do though, it really opens up the pool, as many ea
composers use rhythm without ever using beats (like Robert Normandeau, for example).

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On Mon Nov 14 1:37 , 'Mathew Adkins' <> sent:

>I am preparing a lecture on the rhythmic use of concrete sounds in
>electronica/electroacoustic and was wondering if any of you can
>recommend some artists. So far I am using as examples:

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