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Subject: Re: Sources & Curriculum
From: J. Simon van der Walt (
Date: Mon Nov 14 2005 - 01:41:39 EST

> A well-dressed very basic undergraduate program with 100 student
> would have 6 small studio, 3 robust (multi-channel?) studios, one
> mastering studio and 4 - 5 'ear-training' modules -- 14 - 15 studios.

Interesting. We're just in the process of designing and building a new music
building for Stevenson College Edinburgh, and I've been heavily involved in
saying what we need in terms of computers and music, with some input on the
studio side. Something like twice that number of students overall...

It was *very* hard to fight for more rooms! Acoustically designed and
isolated rooms are the most expensive part of the project. What we have in
the end is instrumental practice rooms, which will double as project
studios, for individual music & computers work - except that there won't
really be enough of them, and a lot of the time they will be full of people
practicing, but I did my best.

Then, I do have an expanded version of what I have at the moment; a computer
lab with 22 workstations, up from the ten and a bit I have at the moment.
I'm coming to realise that it is hard to make that a good *creative*
environment for the students, but it is a great place for teaching basic
click-here techniques to a whole class at once.

Then we've got a recording studio, which will probably be the only place in
the building with monitoring facilities of any quality at all... which may
be a weakness.

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