Re: On illegal software in an academic assignment ...

Subject: Re: On illegal software in an academic assignment ...
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Sun Nov 13 2005 - 20:40:42 EST

At 4:23 PM +0000 11/13/05, Owen Grant wrote:
>There is a huge catch 22 here: how does the student -- often on the
>bread line -- afford to by their compositional tools? And how does a
>student learn to create music without the tools they need to compose?

Thank you for asking "the" question.

The University would be obligated to make them available, as in the
chemistry or biology lab.

>Many students have enough problems understanding electro-acoustic music,

Maybe where you live ...

And you point to the issue of resources once again ...

>While students, presumably, have to use less user-friendly software
>such as PD, so they can work on things outside the University walls.

>>Owen Green wrote;
>Universities arenít supplying what the students need,

My point as well.

>The question we should be asking is why arenít further education
>institutions supplying the tools students' need?




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