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Subject: Re: On illegal software in an academic assignment ...
From: Rick (
Date: Sun Nov 13 2005 - 14:06:10 EST

FUGU is, so far, the best sftp scp etc., I've used.

Jack works when I've used it.

I'm not sure Audacity compared to ProTools is an accurate comparison.
How about Audacity compared to Peak? Looks close to me.

I'm regularly using Neo, the Mac version of OpenOffice, and its flaws
are smaller than MSW. Word is clunky and glitchy. With Word I have to
ferret out which file saved from which crash I'm supposed to go back
to more times than I feel safe with. Neo is slower, but not by much.
The "extra features" word has, like drawing and whatnot, are useless
and attempts to use them are a waste of valuable time.
I use Word at work, because it's the one the corp has. I use Neo at
home because I an afford it.

I think Sun's done a pretty good job with OOo. AND if word processors
are the next pen and paper, then maybe OOo is on the right track. AND
they've pretty much proven that the exorbitant sums for the MSOffice
package are a scam. MS just has the typical office manager shivering
that they might not be able to hold someone accountable if something
goes wrong. Not that they actually could anyway.

umm dinosaur corporations' originality and leading the way... ?? Has
anyone heard The William Burroughs' reading of the dinosaurs board
meeting? It's better to hear it, but...

"f I may be allowed a flight of whimsy involving articulate dinosaurs.
A wise old dinosaur addresses a convocation of his tribe: "Fellow
reptiles, I do not hesitate to tell you that we face grave problems.
And I do not hesitate to tell you that we have the answer. Size is the
answer! Increased size! There are those who say that size is not the
answer. There are those who even propose that we pollute our pure
reptilian strains with mammalian amalgamations and cross-breeding. And
I say to you that if the only way I could survive was by mating with
egg-eating rats, then I would choose not to survive. But we will
survive. We will increase both in size and in numbers, and we will
continue to dominate this planet as we have done for 300 million
years. Bigger is better, and biggest is best! "

Armored models thump their tails in earthshaking applause. Herbivorous
dines waddle and splash in swamp mud. Carnivores bare their huge
fangs, dripping streamers of saliva in approval. But a wise old dine
turns sadly from the TV and addresses his offspring: "Son, it's the
end of the line. We are ugly idiot babbling beasts. Some of us are 60
feet long with a brain the size of a walnut. Where can this end? In a
natural history museum, our bones gawked at by pimply adolescents.
Say, I wonder how big his prick was?' Their turn will come." Back to
the home and the family, back to simple American virtues, but
biologically speaking, the one direction you can't go is back. It's
the law. Dolphins lived on land at one time; we know that because they
have air-breathing lungs. Now that they have returned to the sea, it
might be handy to reclaim their lost gills."

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