Re: On illegal software in an academic assignment ...

Subject: Re: On illegal software in an academic assignment ...
From: Owen Green (
Date: Sun Nov 13 2005 - 09:07:29 EST

Sorry, I should have been more explicit - I meant as an alternative to
cracking a commercial app, not that OSS is in itself a guarantee of
superiority (documentation is nearly always poorer, even if the code

J. Simon van der Walt wrote:
> I agree in principle, but not necessarily in practice; in terms of
> functionality, ease-of-use, documentation and stability. I can get stuff
> done in Max/MSP, and my students can figger it out just by hacking around.
> pd is rocket science with a blunt penknife by comparison.

Owen Green wrote;
>> Absolutely - as far as software is concerned, open-source isinvaribly
>> the better way, both ethically and pragmatically.

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