Re: On illegal software in an academic assignment ...

Subject: Re: On illegal software in an academic assignment ...
From: Owen Green (
Date: Sun Nov 13 2005 - 06:31:05 EST

Absolutely - as far as software is concerned, open-source is invaribly
the better way, both ethically and pragmatically.

Rick wrote:
> There are alternatives in some cases.
> OpenOffice.Org, a project by Sun (Google just joined in) for many
> years provides a very capable word processor with most, if not all,
> the relevant functions of MSWord. It also has a presentation package,
> a spreadsheet, and a few other things I think that MS lacks. It's
> fully MSWord compatible (althought the kerning tables are a bit
> different so imports aren't always exact). It's open source,
> multi-platform and multi-lingual.
> MAX/MSP was replaced by PD for a few of our ex-students who decided
> NOT that they were AGAINST stealing software, but they really just
> wanted something of their own since they planned on making it part of
> their future.

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