RE: JTTP 2005 Top 5 on art@radio

Subject: RE: JTTP 2005 Top 5 on art@radio
From: nick storring (
Date: Sun Nov 13 2005 - 02:27:08 EST

Are there any plans about a Cache 2005 this time around?

Nick Storring.



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Subject: JTTP 2005 Top 5 on art@radio
Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2005 15:57:01 -0700

[This information unfortunately didn't make it out before the broadcast, check the links below for show archives and podcasts.]

The top 5 placing works in the 2005 edition of Jeu de temps / Times Play were played on the November 2 broadcast of art@radio, hosted by Steve Bradley.

Hearty thanks to Steve Bradley for his ongoing support of the CEC's various projects and for programming works that are part of these projects on art@radio! Tune in Wednesdays to art@radio 09:00-12:00 EST:

Berlin 15:00 | Melbourne 01:00 (Thursday) | Montréal 09:00 | Vancouver 06:00

art@radio ­ Steve Bradley
WMBC, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (Baltimore USA)
art@radio net.casts experimental music and sound art, which explore concepts of serialism and ultra-rationality, aleatory and anti-rational, musique concrète, chance & non-music, text-sound composition, microtonal, lowercase, sound/noise, synthetic and ambient/space.

live feed:
call: open call:
contact: Steve Bradley <>

More info on the larger JTTP project:

All works from the CEC's annual JTTP competition appear in SONUS, the CEC's online database of 1500+ electroacoustic works (search for "JTTP 2005" in the "Appeared in" field).

1.  t1) James Duhamel - Le Radeau (2005/7:59), t2) Martin Bédard - Topographie de la noirceur (2005/3:57), t3) Delphine Measroch - Machin Machine (2005/7:46), t4) Samuel Beaudoin - n'importe quoi (2005/8:00), t5) Ivan Elezovic - Almost there... (2001/6:30)
Communaute electroacoustique canadienne (CEC) Canadian Electroacoustic Community
Universite Concordia RF-302, 7141 rue Sherbrooke ouest, Montreal QC CANADA H4B 1R6
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more info: >> artist bios:

2. Sounds Recorded for an Empty Nightclub, Corporation Nightclub, Sheffield, England, in conjunction with Art Sheffield 03, 28 March 2003. A limited edition double CD available from the HOST Artists Group, |

3. Isthmus, movement 1-3, Adam Stansbie, London, UK


Communauté électroacoustique canadienne (CEC) Canadian Electroacoustic Community
Université Concordia RF-302, 7141 rue Sherbrooke ouest, Montréal QC CANADA H4B 1R6
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