On illegal software in an academic assignment ...

Subject: On illegal software in an academic assignment ...
From: Kevin Austin (kevin.austin@videotron.ca)
Date: Sat Nov 12 2005 - 22:07:41 EST

Any comments on this? academic, student, interested by-stander,
software developer ... etc

The names have been changed for reasons that may become clear.



>Quoting knowthyself@gmailed.com:
>Yo HI!! I'm looking for "free"(ed) stuff. Not that I have it. But I
>think the freeing of "stuff" is a really good idea. Emancipate stuff!

>On 19/14/11, wrote: kru_k2@yahooed.com
>You mean like: MAX.................... and

At 17:69 PM -0500 10/13/09, kru_k2@yahooed.com wrote:

>Simple!! To start, you could 'borrow' / liberate 'stuff' from the
>internet really easily. (Victimless crime since it's so widespread.)
>Quoting someone else <notthatyou know@gmail.com>:
> > Hey hey ... you can 'lend' me a liberated copy of MAX? One that
>"won't expire"?


Sorry. I don't get it. Why act like seven year olds smoking
cigarettes behind the garage? Call it theft and get on with it.

Try it like this:

"I'm looking to steal a copy of MAX/MSP so I can use it in my next
class assignment. I will declare it to be an illegal copy and accept
the consequences defined by the University Code of Conduct."

(I think that use of stolen property would be somewhat equivalent to
plagiarism, and that's a pretty clear situation, but maybe the
instructor will look the other way. After all, you did say that you
wanted to be a software developer ... )



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