obsolete (?) equipment search in calgary/vancouver (area)

Subject: obsolete (?) equipment search in calgary/vancouver (area)
From: Jef Chippewa (jef@econtact.ca)
Date: Sat Nov 12 2005 - 01:19:37 EST

(please forward)

hi, chenoa anderson (flute) and i are putting on a concert at the banff
centre for the arts on the 29th of november (details to follow soon), and
are having a hell of a time locating some of the equipment needed. is
there anyone here who has (access to) one of the following units and would
be willing to lend it to us for the performance... and who lives either in
the calgary or vancouver area?

i'll be in calgary this monday (13 nov) and could pick up the unit in the
afternoon; alternatively, a composer is coming down for the concert from
vancouver and could bring the unit down and back to vancouver (26-30 nov).

we need either a lexicon LXP-15 or PCM80.

please contact me directly (off-list)

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