KA's EA/Feedback

Subject: KA's EA/Feedback
From: EAM (EAM@sontec.demon.co.uk)
Date: Fri Nov 11 2005 - 13:21:28 EST

In message <74945FC6-516A-11DA-BC22-000D937754B8@sympatico.ca>, John
Kamevaar <jacobus.kamevaar@sympatico.ca> writes
>Loudspeakers eh?
>Then I guess my first EA moment was in 196?, when George Harrison did
>that opening note
>with brief feedback..... What was it called... "She's A Woman"?

'I Feel Fine' was recorded in 1964. Investigate 'Telstar' by the
Tornadoes, produced by the very wonderful Joe Meek. Recorded in 1962, it
was the first British record to top the Billboard charts. If I remember
correctly, it uses head echo feeding back around itself through the
mixing desk.

Robert Worby

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