Subject: KA-EA
From: John Kamevaar (jacobus.kamevaar@sympatico.ca)
Date: Fri Nov 11 2005 - 12:34:31 EST


I'm sure you're not pivoting your idea on any notion of the primacy of
immediacy, presence, etc. But the difficulty (I'm tempted to say
"always" {for me, at least}) is in the sortation of data:
the fragmentations or interruptions of flow, references to alterity
(live or memorex - hear, I mean "here" or from an outer space), in a
word "intellectual" operations on the level of narrative structure,
struggling for cohesion, managing disparate collectivities of sensation
and on the other hand: {[ 2 ears 2 eyes 2 hands... 2 minds?}]

an attempt to idealize these huge big ears - tiny little body with big
ears like Mickey Mouse-
- the "physical" structure/apparatus of hearing (without thinking?)
My ears don't re-cognize the time -shift between a stimulous arriving
(coming "in") "instantly"
(nor, for that matter the vocal fluctuations of quotation marks)
through head-phones and the same stuff buffeting them in the 46th row
of a concert hall, a few milliseconds after the "fact".

On the latter stream of this bifurcation, what is very fundamental to
me is that when you turn your head the visual scene changes entirely
(notwithstanding peripheral vision); but the auditory "scene" (ah, the
tyrrany of sight over the other senses) varies less dramatically (not
withstanding spatial location)

Besides you blink and can close your eyes but you look really funny
standing around with your fingers in your ea(rs).

Anyway, Kevin, as "always" I find your postings to be very interesting
and informative.
And I think you should write "A Brief History of Time-Shifting".

  And for some reason that re-minds me that about 5 y(ears) ago a grad
student, working on a paper about <noise> asked me how loooooooong it
took to do my latest piece. I said 50 years
(my age at the time).


> And, I would continue to draw out the idea that the ability to stop
> the recording at any time, has changed listening attitudes in a very
> fundamental way. The natural extension(s) of this is time shifting
> (record now, play later) ... and the disconnection of (a) performance
> with the moment.

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