Composer Alessandro Cipriani at CalArts - Thursday, 11/17

Subject: Composer Alessandro Cipriani at CalArts - Thursday, 11/17
From: Barry Schrader (
Date: Fri Nov 11 2005 - 05:29:40 EST

Italian composer Alessandro Cipriani of Edison Studio
<> will discuss his music at CalArts on Thursday,
from 4:00-6:00 in room B318. The presentation is open to the public. Mr.
Cipriani will lecture on the forthcoming presentation of "The Cabinet of Dr.
Caligari" <> on
SCREAM 2005 at REDCAT <> on
Tuesday, November 22.

Born in Tivoli (Rome) in 1959, Cipriani completed his studies in music
composition and electroacoustic music at the Conservatorio S.Cecilia in
Rome. He studied for a time with Barry Truax. Since 1989 he has worked on
intermedia pieces, often in collaboration with visual artist Alba D'Urbano.
His works have received honors and/or have been selected for performance by
government arts commissions, professional organizations and festival
organizers including Bourges, Government of Canada Award, International
Computer Music Conference, International Symposium on Electronic Arts,
Musica Nova, Newcomp, etc. He has taught electroacoustic music at the Ist.
Mus. V. Bellini in Catania since 1995. He has lectured about his music and
his theory of 'electroacoustic tradition' at several Universities in Italy,
Canada and the U.S. He has published analytical and theoretical papers in
several journals and has published the textbook "Virtual Sound", on sound
synthesis and signal processing with Csound, in collaboration with
R.Bianchini on ConTempo. His CD "Il Pensiero Magmatico" in collaboration
with Stefano Taglietti is available on the Edipan label. Other pieces can be
found in the ICMC'95 and ICMC'99 Cds. A monographic CD, "Al Nur", including
all his works with oral tradition musicians, has just been released on CNI
Compagnia Nuove Indye. His music has been broadcast by RAI, CBC and other
national radio networks as well as performed at festivals in Europe, Canada,
China, South-America and the U.S.A. He is one of the founding members of
Edison Studio in Rome.

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