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Date: Fri Nov 11 2005 - 02:26:53 EST

hello Chris

thank you for your post. OT ? of Women in EA & Electronics & New Music i think Lucia is very significant. the recordings of Dlugoszewski are very beautiful. To my ear, they sound very electronic / electroacoustic. She passed away very recently ? 2000+ ?

begs the question why some are canonized and others are not (through no fault of her / his own). Does Gender or Race play a role ? in opportunites of education and inclusion in th academies ? of encouragement & furtherence of career ?

if i drive a big Hummer am i going to get faster than if i drive a Wheel Chair at 5mph ? depends on th driver and / or th drivers helmut ? ;-)

best regards, sylvi macCormac
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Chris DeLaurenti wrote:

> Another composer in need of a champion (or at least a monograph and some archival releases) is Lucia Dlugoszewski. Although she did not make electroacoustic music, her delicately scored solo and chamber music often has a liquid, electroacoustic feel.
> best,
> Chris
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