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Subject: Re: McGill DCS Concert this Saturday (KS)
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Date: Thu Nov 10 2005 - 16:52:55 EST

On 10 Nov, 2005, at 17:27, Jef Chippewa wrote:

> lawrence casserley writes:
>> Certainly their input was significant, but they were primarily
>> interpreting KS's instructions.
> keep in mind i am not suggesting anything similar to the "stockhausen
> didn't compose his electronic works, his technicians did" drivel that
> pops up periodically, i'm concerned with the design aspect regarding
> the suggestion that he designs his own scores. there is a certain
> amount which is standard in notation that no composer "designs" as
> such, and this is especially true in the licht scores, which are
> closer to "beethoven notation" than many of KS's previous works.

This is true - there was much more innovation in the earlier works -
however JI was, AFAIK, crucial in realising the actual look of those
scores. From what I know of KS he would have kept very close control of
the final product. His habit of keeping a close group of loyal
supporters (including performers, of course) has characterised his
progress for many years.

> he was living in berlin a couple of years ago, had been active on a
> list i periodically read, was quite vocal about notational reform, had
> many good but very one-sided and ideas whose direct implementation
> would have great impact on a fairly limited amount of music that is
> written today; i think it should be mandatory reading for any copyist,
> or composer, for that matter.
> there was some sort of falling out with the "family" that was alluded
> to on ingram's site at one point, but all this information has
> subsequently "vanished". the scores are now prepared by a team of
> three family members (note/music entry, text and proofing)

The increasing presence of family in KS's entourage has been
characteristic for a number of years. As he gets older, could there be
a desire to ensure they have full control after his death? Of course, I
have no knowledge of why JI actually left.

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