Re: McGill DCS Concert this Saturday (KS)

Subject: Re: McGill DCS Concert this Saturday (KS)
From: Jef Chippewa (
Date: Thu Nov 10 2005 - 12:27:46 EST

lawrence casserley writes:
> Certainly their input was significant, but they were primarily
> interpreting KS's instructions.

keep in mind i am not suggesting anything similar to the "stockhausen didn't
compose his electronic works, his technicians did" drivel that pops up
periodically, i'm concerned with the design aspect regarding the suggestion
that he designs his own scores. there is a certain amount which is
standard in notation that no composer "designs" as such, and this is
especially true in the licht scores, which are closer to "beethoven
notation" than many of KS's previous works.

> Yes, the �� site seems to be
> unavailable at the moment.

has been for quite some time.

> did KS take him with him when he left UE to set up
> Stockhausen Verlag?

he left UE on KS's invitation to be his personal copyist, i believe it was
during the editing of mantra (he had contacted karl for some questions), but
am not sure.

> I have no idea what he is doing now.

he was living in berlin a couple of years ago, had been active on a list i
periodically read, was quite vocal about notational reform, had many good
but very one-sided and ideas whose direct implementation would have great
impact on a fairly limited amount of music that is written today; i think it
should be mandatory reading for any copyist, or composer, for that matter.

there was some sort of falling out with the "family" that was alluded to on
ingram's site at one point, but all this information has subsequently
"vanished". the scores are now prepared by a team of three family members
(note/music entry, text and proofing)

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