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Subject: Re: McGill DCS Concert this Saturday (KS)
From: lawrence casserley (
Date: Thu Nov 10 2005 - 07:51:10 EST

On 10 Nov, 2005, at 06:24, Jef Chippewa wrote:

>> Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928 - ) is a modern composer.
>> He also designs and prints his own musical scores
> hmmm. anyone heard of cornelius cardew or james ingram?

Certainly their input was significant, but they were primarily
interpreting KS's instructions.

> there used to be lots of info online on ingram's work, who was
> stocki's personal copyist from 1974 (i think) to 2000, but it now
> seems to have been mysteriously erased from the history pages... he
> used 3-4 programmes (finale, freehand and a couple of others, one of
> which he developed) to complete the individual scores and also
> developed the font based on karl's handwriting.
Yes, the “” site seems to be
unavailable at the moment.

includes a photograph of James with KS in 1985 - this page is about
'Unsichtbare Chöre' from "Donnerstag aus Licht", which is dedicated to

I remember him in London in the early 70s - even lived in the same flat
for a while - at that stage he was just starting to do score copying
for Universal Edition - did KS take him with him when he left UE to set
up Stockhausen Verlag?

I have no idea what he is doing now.



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