Simultaneity Performance, November 15th

Subject: Simultaneity Performance, November 15th
From: pmw music (
Date: Thu Nov 10 2005 - 06:10:57 EST

Dear all,

just to let you know that the music-performance aspect
of the Simultaneity Project has it's first recording
on November 15th:

The Orchestra of the Swan (UK), microtonal specialist
Toby Twining (USA), Indian Classical singer Anand
Thakore (India) and composer, pianist Burkhard Finke
(Germany) will play a 15 minute guided improvisation
from a 'time-coded score' at noon (EST) on November
15th, a s part of a continuing program of new works
which use time-coded scores.

Time coded scores work very simply - each player (or
group) has specific times to play or not play, marked
on a score and guidance as to the nature of the
improvisation at a given point e.g. '12.05 - fast and
furious staccato, toward a Cm tonality', etc - the
combined results are intended to step away from
'pulse-driven' musical tradition towards something
that is perhaps analagous to the effect of birdsong at
a dawn chorus.

The results will form part of a multi-speaker, gallery
installation but I also hope to produce a stereo
version which will be available at my web site.

If there are improvising instrumentalists reading
this, who would be interested to participate in future
recordings, then please do contact me at

The 'ambient' recordings of Simultaneity - in which
quite a few cec members participated last year - is
continuing, but progress has been slowed by funding
issues in the UK, it is currently looking at
relocation to the US, where work can continue in both
localised and worldwide recordings.

Pete M Wyer


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