Chamber music recording

Subject: Chamber music recording
Date: Wed Nov 09 2005 - 21:45:44 EST


With this e-mail I am hoping to generate some advice and feedback concerning
previous experiences recording live chamber music. This is a quite important
recording (all first chairs of the MSO) and unfortunately there is no sound
check. The first half of the program consists of violin sonatas and the second
half is the Brahms Clarinet Quintet. A couple of options I have considered are
to use a main stereo pair distanced at about 15" and have a pair of spaced
omnis directly above the group as spot mics. Another option I have considered
is using a pair of ribbon mics, throw up a blumlein and leave it at that. Any
mic suggestions would be appreciated. I currently have at my disposal a pair
of Neumann 184's and 183's an Avalon 2022 Pre-amp w/ apogee converters. I am
considering renting either a pair of Royea SF-1 or a pair of B&K 4011's.



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