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Subject: Re: KA's EA
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Wed Nov 09 2005 - 21:41:19 EST

Or Max Neuhaus

"This compact disc includes the complete documentation of Max
Neuhaus' Fontana Mix-Feed performed in venues in the US and Europe
between 1965 and 1966. With these performances Neuhaus introduced the
idea that acoustic feedback, previously always abhorred, could be a
useful technique for generating sound. ...



At 2:28 PM -0800 11/9/05, Kenneth Newby wrote:
>When was Steve Reich's Pendulum Music?
>On 9-Nov-05, at 2:46 PM, Larry Austin wrote:
>>The earliest (first?) live-electronic, ea piece to use a feedback
>>circuit was, I believe, David Behrman's "Wave Train" (1967), whose
>>score was published in Source, Vol. 2, No. 1, with an LP recording
>>included with Source, Vol. 2, No. 2....a wonderful piece to hear and
>>to perform.
>>Larry Austin
>>John Kamevaar wrote:
>>>Loudspeakers eh?
>>>Then I guess my first EA moment was in 196?, when George Harrison did
>>>that opening note
>>>with brief feedback..... What was it called... "She's A Woman"?
>>>Anybody know who used feedback (mic or guitar) "first" in non-money

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