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Subject: Women in Electroacoustic Music: Call for Works: Fwd:
From: Kevin Austin (kevin.austin@videotron.ca)
Date: Tue Nov 08 2005 - 20:31:36 EST

>Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2005 11:58:35 -0800
>From: Pamela Madsen <pmadsen@FULLERTON.EDU>
>Subject: Call for Works: Women in Electroacoustic Music
>Call for Works
>Fifth Annual International Women's
>Electro-Acoustic Listening Room Project
>Cal State Fullerton
>Voices on the Edge:
>Fifth Annual
>Women in New Music Festival
>March 9th-12th, 2006
>Concerts, Listening Room, Lectures, Master Classes, Workshops featuring
>PAMELA Z, voice and electronics
>ETHEL, string quartet
>CHEN YI, composer in residence,
>and other guest composers, performers, scholars
>International Women's Electroacoustic Listening Room Project:
>The Women in New Music Festival features day-long playback of works
>by women in electroacoustic music During the 8 hours of the
>electroacoustic listening room the listener's mind is immersed in
>the sounds of diverse compositional voices of women composers in
>electroacoustic music from over 20 different countries from around
>the globe.
>The Women's Electroacoustic Listening Room strives to present a
>diverse sampling of different approaches to electronic music, with
>examples from classical computer music, environmental music, and
>meditative music to works that expand acoustic virtuosity and
>improvisation with virtual instruments to sonic documentaries that
>capture the inner workings of the mind: horror, humor and the
>unfolding of human dramas.
>This year the Women's Electroacoustic Listening Room focuses on
>VOICES ON THE EDGE and will also go ON THE ROAD and be presented at
>various venues throughout the United States and Europe.
>Submit your proposed electronic/electroacoustic work for inclusion
>in the listening room event: Voices on the Edge. Maximum length 12
>minutes. Please include: CD of proposed work, submission
>information: length of work, name of composer, contact information,
>program notes and short bio to address below. Also send all
>submission information by email to
>Dr. Pamela Madsen
>Music Department
>California State University, Fullerton
>P.O. Box 6850
>Fullerton, CA 92834-6850
>Postmark Deadline: January 15th, 2006
>For more information contact: pmadsen@fullerton.edu

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