Women in EA - Sainte-Marie - Poppies & the Angel

Subject: Women in EA - Sainte-Marie - Poppies & the Angel
From: sylvi macCormac (macCormac@shaw.ca)
Date: Tue Nov 08 2005 - 13:48:27 EST

dear Mr. Austin (bcc: buffy sainte-marie @ cradleboard.org)

For academic porpoises, i will forward directly to Kevin Austin MP3's of
th two songs / compositions by Buffy Sainte-Marie that include an early
electronic score by Michael Czajkowski (1971) for discussion of Women in
EA / Electronic Music. Other examples are found amongst her work. i
would like to hear the album - Illuminations. If you can listen to her
use of electronics in her work Falling Angels from Up Where We Belong.
The Aubible Woman, Sarah Peebles recently (2004) aired Bury My Heart at
Wounded Knee on EA New Music Program of Women Composers :-)

Of Poppies & The Angel, i believe Poppies may be a 'better' example as
th Synthesizer (?) is more forward in th mix and Sainte-Marie's use of
voice and transformations is more experimental ?

While Sainte-Marie may not be an Electroacoustic Music Composer (what is
EA Music ? ), she is certainly an important contributor to Electronic
Music and to Multimedia Arts & Culture etc.

Poppies & the Angel are fine examples of early use of electronics in
music, but is it Electroacoustic ?

When was the first use of quadrophonic music in EA and/or Electronic
Music ?

Still, i believe Buffy Sainte-Marie's songs/compositions are signifigant
for courses / classes that cover Women in EA as an example of pioneering
use of Electronics and Voice.

best regards, sylvi macCormac
http://www.sylvi.ca / na / da / bc
siwash rock & soundscape composition

Poppies (2:48)
Buffy Sainte-Maire; Caleb Music / BMI
Electronic Score by Michael Czajkowski

The Angel (3:30)
Ed Freeman; Rockomon & C. Ltd. / ASCAP
Electronic Score by Michael Czajkowski


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