Re: CIMESP-Results Fwd:

Subject: Re: CIMESP-Results Fwd:
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Mon Nov 07 2005 - 10:45:53 EST

I am very sorry if you felt that this was an attack. It was in no way
meant to be like that.

>you're right here, but in my defense,



At 2:59 AM -0800 11/7/05, bill thompson wrote:
>--- Kevin Austin <> wrote:
>> I would ask those who use the term ea to 'define' it
>> in some way.
>> I continue to get the sense that your use of the
> > word "ea" relates to the acousmatic tradition
>you're right here, but in my defense, i didn't think
>of it that way until i re-entered academia.

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